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imageChristmas Cookie Cutter Ornaments
Make these quick and easy ornaments.  The one to the left was made by Sarah when she was three.  Sarah's birthday is close to Christmas and were used as an activity at the party.  For ages 3 to Seniors


  1. make one of the dough recipes above
  2. roll out dough on a floured surface about 1/4" thick
  3. cut with cookie cutters to make christmas shapes
  4. make a hole in the top of the shape for stringing a ribbon
  5. place the shapes on a cookie sheet.
  6. bake the shapes at 225 degrees F (107 degress C) for two or 3 hours.  Turn them over occasionally to keep them from curling.
  7. remove shapes from oven and allow to cool for several hours.
  8. decorate the shapes with the felt tip markers, glitter and sequins.  Many other materials can be used to decorate the shapes.  Use your imagination.
  9. Thread the ribbon, yarn or string through the hole at the top and hang!

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