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How to fold a Paper Crane


  1. Fold a square piece of paper in half horizontally.  The fold A back to bottom center (D), and B forward to front bottom center (C).
  2. Your paper should look like this.
  3. Pull C (the front) and D (the back) apart all the way until you have a flat diamond (as in samll diagram).
  4. Fold top layers of C and D inward to center line at E and fold down F along dotted line.
  5. You paper should look like this.
  6. Now her's the tricky part: Unfold step 4. Take top layer only at G and puttl it up making use of the crease (dotted line).  This allows poins C and D to fold back to center line along creases.  Turn paper over and repeat steps 4, 5, and 5, ignoring new flap topped by point G.
  7. With split at bottom, fold H and I inward so that edges meet center line.  Turn paper over and repeat.
  8. Temporarily open flaps at (L1 and L2). Repeat with K. Fold down wings.

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