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Puzzle Wreath Christmas Decoration

  • 36 puzzle pieces from a used jigsaw puzzle
  • green high gloss acrylic or lacquer spray paint
  • small jar of high gloss red acrylic paint
  • small round paint brush
  • newspaper
  • glue
  • red ribbon
  • gold braid string

  1. Lay out the puzzle pieces on newspaper.
  2. Spray paint the pieces with the green paint - apply 3 coats allowing each coat to dry the prescribed time listed on the can.
  3. next lay out a ring of 9 pieces (painted side up) making sure that each piece is touching the other vthen make another layer gluing 9 pieces on top of the first nine staggering them so that each top piece is over lapping two of the bottom pieces.  (see illustration)
  4. Continue the process until there are 4 layers of 9 pieces.  Allow the construction to dry overnight (if you are using a glue gun you can continue with next step after the glue has cooled)
  5. With your red paint, dab three little dots of color in bunches around the wreath to make it appear that the wreath has berries.  (see illustration)
  6. Attach red ribbon with glue
  7. tie gold string to top of ornament and hang

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