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Santa Puppet


  • two 9 inch x 10 inch pieces of terry towel
  • 4 inch squre fleecy interfacing
  • scraps of 3/8 inch ribbon
  • 1/2 yard white rickrack
  • white pompom
  • scraps of white yarn
  • green fabric
  • white iron-on fabric
  • two 1/4 inch hearts
  • black and red permanent markers
  • rouge
  • glue

  1. Click on pattern above and print out large pattern
  2. Cutting: Cut a pair of Santas (use the towel edge at bottom).  Cut beard from fleece (see broken lines in Fig. 1)  Cut 2 holly leaves 3/4 inch long.  From the iron-on fabrick, cut the fact 1/4 inch larger than the broken oval in fig. 1.
  3. Santa front: Iron on face.  Edge-stitch on fleece.  Sew on ribbons  (see photo) Draw face; rouge cheeks.  With yarn, make bow, brows, and mustache.
  4. Assembly: Seam Santa front to Santa back, right sides together and edges even, leaving bottom edge open.  Turn right-side out.
  5. Finishing: Sew pompom to top of Santa.  Sew rickrack around the white fleece.  Glue on leaves and hearts.

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