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Silk Screen Christmas Cards

Silk screening, that facinates both young and old, can easily be done by a five year old.

A simple form should be cut from either newspaper or newsprint.  Use an embroidery hoop over which you have stretched curtain material or a piece of organdy.  Cut the newspaper the size of the hoop.  Choose a simple design such as a Christmas tree, star, or ornament.  Draw your design in the middle of newspaper and cut it out.

Mix liquid laundry starch with powdered tempera to a pudding consistency, or purchase some extending white from an art supply store, mix it with the tempera.

A small squeegee can be made from two pieces of cardboard taped together with masking tape.  Place the newspaper under the flat side of the hoop and material.  The first application of paint will adhere the newsprint to the material and also gives you the first impression of the design.  About fifty impressions can be made in this manner with one stencil.

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