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To make a paper or cloth serviette into a lotus flower will take a little work but it will add a little surprise to your Christmas dinner table.


  1. Take a square cloth or paper serviette and fold the four corners to the middle.  Flatten the fold lines.  Repeat the above procedure two more times.  Turn the folded serviette over and fold the four corners to the middle.  The folding is complete.  The petals must be formed.  The instructions make the petal forming sound difficult but it is really very simple to do.  At all times as the petals are being formed the centre must be anchored with a finger.

  2. Reach under the corner x and pull up the flap that you will find there.  This is the first petal.  It must be pulled into a fairly upright position To make it stand up a little better push down on the corner x while you pull up on the petal.  Pull up the flap from the underside on all four corners.

  3. To form the rest of the petals reach under Y and pull up the flap that you find there.  Continue to pull up the flaps in the same position as Y but on the other sides of the square.

  4. The final four petals are formed from the smaller flaps left on the underside of the square as shown by position Z.  Pull each of these flaps up and your lotus flower is complete.  This final step should be sufficient for the flower to remained formed without the centre anchored.

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